S2N2C Gateway N2 to Carma Industries EMP/Profiler Gateway


This Product has been Discontinued, however, support is still available




The S2N2C Gateway is an interface device that acts as an intelligent data translator between the Johnson Controls’ Metasys N2 communication bus and the Carma Industries Energy Monitoring Pod (EMP) and Profiler electrical panels.  This gateway allows the Carma Industries EMP or Profiler panel meter data to be monitored by the Johnson Control’s Metasys Building Control software.
The S2N2C Gateway is connected to both the N2 and Carma busses with separate connections to each.  The S2N2C Gateway appears as a slave (N2 VND Device) to the N2 Bus, and simultaneously appears as a master to the Carma Bus.  Carma EMP Meters / Profilers appear as N2 bus slaves (N2 VND Devices) to the N2 Bus via the S2N2C gateway.
Carma’s energy information data appear as Binary Inputs, Analog Inputs, and Analog Outputs data objects on the Johnson Controls Metasys system. 




Part Number:

  • S2N2C-18VAC  (10-18 VAC Version)
  • S2N2C-24VAC  (24 VAC version)

Power Requirements:

  • (Standard) 10 - 18 V AC/DC 60 Hz @ 400 mA Smart Sense
  • (Optional) 24 VAC @300 mA


  • Temperature 0 C to +60 C
  • Humidity: 10 - 95 % RH (non-condensing)


  • 7.44”L x 3.94”W x 1.75” H 
  • 18.9cm L x 10.0cm W x 4.4cm H

N2 Protocol Support

  • Maximum N2 Objects
    -31 AIs, 4AOs, and 5 BIs
  • Supported N2 Obects:
    -S2N2C and Carma
    -Devices appear as
    -VND devices
Mounting Options:
  • DIN Rail

Carma Support:

  • EPM Meters- 10 (39 max)
  • Profiler- 1