S2N2Scan N2 Bus Device Analyzing Software



S2N2Scan is a Windows application that interrogates the JC N2 bus for attached devices.  Devices found and conflicting addresses are reported.
Product Obsoleted and will be replaced with a new Scanning and Diagnostic device.


S2N2Scan can be used as a replacement to Johnson Controls Metascan, but with several additional features:

  • Standalone application that does not require JCI  software to be present (Metasys, HVACPro, etc)
  • Allows user to adjust scan parameters such as Address ranges, response time, and retries
  • Reports Bus Address conflicts both graphically and textually for easy N2 Bus issue diagnoses
  • Scan result reports can be exported to a variety of file formats (spreadsheet, PDF, etc)
  • Allows users to view and modify N2 Bus device point values (i.e. AI, AO, BI, BO, etc values)




Part Number:

  • S2N2Scan

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

Supported N2 Device Types:

  • VND, DX9100, DR9100,
  • DC9100, IM9100, DO9100,
  • TC9100, UI9100, RC9100,
  • XT9100
  • other devices pending


N2 Bus Interface Device(s) Supported: